One of our most important Holiday traditions is the recital of Yizkor.

When we recite Yizkor, we renew and strengthen the connection between us and our loved one, bringing merit to the departed souls, and transforming their memory into an eternal source of light and blessing. 

For this reason, part of the Yizkor service includes a pledge to Tzedakah (charity), a mitzvah done specifically on behalf of the departed soul.

With this in mind, we will have a beautiful Book of Remembrance for Yom Kippur.

In addition to the texts of the Yizkor prayer, the Book of Remembrance will feature the names of our loved ones. 

The book will be used during the Yizkor services. Additionally, every name listed in the book will be pronounced during the Yizkor prayers offered in the synagogue.

To include the name/s of your loved one, or honor their legacy with a personal dedication, please fill out the form below.